3 Tips To Prevent Your Car From Being Broken Into

Unfortunately, having your car broken into is an all too common experience for drivers. But no matter how common it may be, it doesn’t mean it’s any less traumatic when it does occur. After your car has been broken into, you might feel scared, concerned, violated, not to mention preoccupied with thinking of the cost of car repairs and replacing any stolen items. And while there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll never find yourself in an unfortunate break in situation, there are steps all drivers can take to prevent it from happening to them and keep their property safe.
Roll Up Your Windows and Make Sure Your Car Is Locked
Whenever you leave your car, it’s wise to double and triple check all your doors to make sure they’re fully closed and locked. People looking to break into cars in search of valuables often check for unlocked cars first, as they don’t want to go through the trouble of breaking a window or picking a lock if they don’t have to.

And while it may be tempting, especially in warmer months, to leave your car window cracked open in order to let a bit of air flow through, an open window leaves your car vulnerable to break-ins, and is one of the most common ways a potential thief can get into your car!
Park In a Safe, Well Lit Area
When you park your car, a covered area like a garage or parking deck will be your safest option against break ins. If you live in or are visiting or running errands in an area that only has access to an open lot or street parking, try and park in a well lit area close to your destination for the best protection.
Hide Your Valuables
It’s always best to have items like your wallet, phone, or laptops and tablet computers with you to keep them safe, but there are times where you need to leave your valuables in your vehicle. In cases like this, you want to make sure that any valuables or expensive items are hidden away from view in your car. Your trunk or backseat of your car will offer the most protection, especially if the items are hidden under a covering like a blanket or jacket.

Take these precautions, and you can be less likely to experience a car break in, saving you time, money, and stress.
After a Car Break-In, Come See Import Performance
If you’ve found yourself the victim of a car break-in and are facing repairs, come see the pros at Import Performance and we’ll get you back on the road in no time! Call or book online for your appointment today!

Photo by Kaspars from Getty Images via Canva Pro