Filters & Fluids Service – What You Need to Know

When it comes to your car, regular maintenance is vital. One of the most critical components of a vehicle’s care is the filters & fluids service. This service keeps your car running in top condition, increasing the longevity of your vehicle. But what exactly is a filters & fluids service? Let’s find out.

What Does a Filters & Fluids Service Include?

A filters & fluids service typically replaces or checks your vehicle’s components: oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, coolant/antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, washer fluid (windshield wipers), and engine oil. During this service appointment, these items are checked for wear and tear, contamination, or damage. If any of these parts need to be replaced or serviced, it will be done then. The technician may also check other components, such as spark plugs or battery cables, depending on your vehicle’s make/model/year.

Why Do I Need A Filters & Fluids Service?

Regular maintenance on your car ensures it runs smoothly and safely for years. A filters & fluids service can keep all the necessary components working together as they should. This prevents costly repairs by catching minor problems and increasing fuel efficiency.

Regular filters & fluids service at an auto repair shop provides your vehicle runs at its best for years. Routine maintenance ensures that all critical components are functioning properly and monitored for any signs of wear or damage. For your car to run safely and smoothly for many miles, have regular filters & fluids services performed!

Photo by Ratanapon Sangoun Sirtham from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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