The Symptoms of Bad Brakes

Nobody should drive with bad brakes. This makes driving dangerous and could make you the cause of an accident. The brake system should be checked every 12,000 miles to ensure there are no worn parts and plenty of fluid in the system. The brake system is a hydraulic system, so it needs plenty of hydraulic brake fluid in order to work. Here are symptoms of bad brakes that need immediate attention.

Braking Noises

The brakes will make noise if the brake pads are too low or the brakes are overheating. A squealing sound can indicate both problems, whereas a scraping sound is a sign the brake pads have worn down to their metal backings.

Burning Smells

If your brakes are overheating, you will also smell burning odors coming from the brakes. As the brake pads get too hot and glaze, they will smell like a burning carpet. If the brake fluid starts to boil, it will smell like burning chemicals.

Illuminated ABS Light

The ABS light can illuminate on the dashboard if there is a problem with the brake system. In some cases, you may also end up with an illuminated Brake light. These dashboard warnings are designed to protect via their alerts.

Leaking Brown Fluid

The hydraulic fluid found in the brake system can leak out of the brake lines or the master cylinder. When this happens, you will see brown fluid on the garage floor. Some brands and types of brake fluid are red in color.

Pulling to a Side

The calipers use the brake fluid to push the brake pads into the rotors. If a caliper gets stuck, your vehicle will swerve to the side when you press down on the brake pedal. We can replace the stuck caliper with a new one.

Squishy Pedal

Your brake pedal may also tell you that there’s a problem with the brake system. For example, if you have air in the brake lines, the pedal will feel squishy and may give and take. It can also sink to the floor if the master cylinder is dying.

Wobbly Braking

Finally, low brake pads and worn rotors can make your vehicle wobble when you apply the brakes. Road debris that is small enough to get stuck in the calipers can also make braking a wobbling venture.

Call us today if you are having brake problems. Do not take chances. This is the most important safety system in your automobile.

Photo by 12875116 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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